"We have very high expectations on what we want and expect from companies that we hand our business to, very rare do we get what we want but Gibson Blanc design delivered every step of the way..."
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Gibson Blanc Design Services

Presentation design

The need for clients to present themselves professionally never stops. we produce on-screen specialised and dynamic Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, including animated graphics, for the PC and Apple Mac. Our services range from creating the perfect presentation template for your brand, to engineering a comprehensive online slide library with embedded multimedia, such as hyper linking slides by the use of hotkeys. Our design expertise will maximise the effectiveness of your speaker support.

Apple Mac's Keynote is one of the world's premier presentation creation solutions. The software will allow you to have the same flexibility as PowerPoint but created on the Mac. QuickTime videos can be played in the presentation as moving backgrounds, with seamless transitions and the ability to be masked with shapes and text.

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